Aqua Angels Art - the Crafter.

My mind is full of so many crafts I am wanting to create.  I am always seeing an idea in my head.  Sometimes I actually create it, while other times I store the idea somewhere inside my head.  I have no idea how many storage compartments are actually up there,  but I myself would get lost.  So I advise you to not even try.

Over the years I have tried many forms are crafts and there are still a few that I want to learn.  Here is a list of some of the crafts I have done.

Paper Beads - Wind Chimes - Dream Catchers - Customed Pillows - Sublimation - Embroidery - Hydrodipped - Painting - Paper Crafts - Drawing - WoodBurning - Stepping Stones - Upcycled crafts -  Fabric Masks -


This is just just a small list of what I could think of off the top of my mind.  Once I start adding photos and details of my crafts I will add to the list.

Photos and more details coming soon including what devices and supplies I use.