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Aqua Angels Art: How to load Tissue Paper into the Printer for Crafting Projects

Aqua Angels Art: How to load Tissue Paper into the Printer for Crafting Projects

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Aqua Angels Art Smurf Inspired Hut - Flash Back to the 80's -  Button Container from The Dollar Tree

Aqua Angels Art Smurf Inspired Hut - Flash Back to the 80's - Button Container from The Dollar Tree

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Seekers of the Road Rose hand drawn rose, sketch

Seekers of the Road Rose hand drawn rose, sketch

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Making a Halloween with Black Cat Yard Sign

Making a Halloween with Black Cat Yard Sign

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Flash Back to the 80's Smurf Inspired

One of my Favorite Cartoons growing up was the Smurfs.


Aqua Angels Art completed ( almost ) a Smurf Inspired Smurf Hut. I will be giving you my step-by-step DIYs on how I created my Smurf Inspired Hut.

This project took several days since part of it needed drying time. The next one I do I think will save drying time since I won't be using paper towels. I had a lot of fun creating my Smurf Inspired hut, watching it take life, and seeing how creative I could be. I have one final step before it is complete.

Watch the Video on Youtube:


Flashback to the 80's - Aqua Angels Art created a hut inspired by the Smurfs. Made from a Button Container from The Dollar Tree. Supplies I used: Mod Podge, Elmer's Glue, Hot glue gun, Hot Glue, E6000 Glue, Cloth-like paper towels, Heavy Duty Foil, Scissors, Box Cutter, Sponge, Masking Tape, Extension Cord, Cardboard, Paint, ( I used Apple Barrel Multi-Surface ) Paint Brushes, Paper Plates, sandpaper Container - I used a Button holder from the Dollar Tree, a Plastic Bag for stuffing, An Image to Inspire your creation.

How To: Gather your supplies and have a good workspace.


Take the lid off the container to make the mushroom shape. Glue the plastic bag unto the lid. ( You can also use newspaper or any other like material. ) I used Elmer's Glue, Hot Glue, and E6000. Now use your heavy-duty foil to shape the stuffing. Use your hot glue to glue it onto your Bag. Use your image as inspiration. I used two pieces of foil for the shaping, but you can use how much you think you will need for your project. If I were doing a larger hut I would have need more. Take another piece of foil for the Rim of the mushroom. Roll it into a long strip. Hot glue it onto the bottom of your Lid ( Mushroom ). Use as much foil as you need for your project. Trim off excess foil.


Now time to construct the Chimney. Hot Glue it on. The top of your Mushroom is designed. Now time to use Elmer's glue to glue the cloth-like paper towel strips onto the bottom half of your container. ( I used a button container from the Dollar Tree, You can select any container you wish. ) ( Use your mind and seek your vision ) ( You can use newspaper instead of paper towels )

Next time I will not cloth-like containers since it took overnight to dry. I did add water to Elmer's glue. While that is drying,


Glue strips to the top half of your Mushroom. Covering up all the foil. I did two layers of paper towels. So you will need plenty of drying time.


The next step is painting both parts of the mushroom with white acrylic paint. ( allow dry time ). I took sandpaper to the Rim of the Mushroom to make the lid go on and off of the bottom part easier. Now to color your Mushroom. Use the colors of your choosing. Use an image for inspiration. I ended up using a different image toward the end.


Windows - Doors - Extras: You can use clay, foil, wood, I gave it thought until I knew what would work best for this project. I used cardboard since it is something most people have already. Decide what you want and then cut your shapes. I used two types of cardboard. One is from a Rachel Ray cat food box and one is a small part of a cereal box because I needed thin cardboard also.

Door - I cut pieces to look like wood - and also for the window. I glued them onto thinner cardboard. I then created a 3D window. I also glued several pieces of cardboard together for a flower pot ( this isn't done yet ) I painted these objects with several coats of paint. Then I used Hot Glue and E6000 Glue to attach them to my hut.


To follow along with more of my crafts and to visit blog go to


Thank you for watching my video.




How I made a large yard sign for Halloween using the slice function with my Cricut.

The sign is larger than my mat. You can find the SVG file here: yard stakes found on Amazon yard signs found on Amazon.

Find me on Facebook:

Decide which image you are going to use for your project: Download it to your pc in a location that will be easy to find when you need to upload it to Cricut. Once you download the file open it and extract it. Open up your Cricut program, upload it, and get ready to create:

My steps.

1:52 I made the workspace large and then I made the image 25% to make it easier for me to work on the screen.

2:08 I decided what size of the image I need for my project and resize your image. ( My completed project is a larger size, for the video purposes I have selected just a random size )

2:18 I went to shapes and made several squares. I moved them to the bottom of my workspace.

2:31 I made the layers invisible - this needs to be done to be able to use the Slice option. -Slice steps-

2:57 I changed the color of the squares.

3:08 Move the square to the background/send to back

3:20 Adjust it into place

3:36 Select the image and the square. and click slice. Then more your sliced piece/s to the right side of your workspace. Delete the unneeded pieces

4:27 Next color - repeat Slice Steps if needed. - This section fits almost perfectly into two halves. Larger images will need more slicing steps.

5:25 The bottom part took two slices.

5:54 ( ooooppppssss... ) I deleted the squares before I was ready.

6:22 My last color. I repeated the Slice Steps.

6:57 I made sure the bottom part would fit onto my Mat.

7:03 Delete extra Squares.

7:19 I started piecing the sections together.

*** Use these options: Send to front - Move forward - Send to Back - Move Backwards.

9:18 Make it. Making sure each section is grouped with the right color of vinyl and will be cut together. Your project might be different from mine. Depending on how many colors your projects have and the size you are creating. Once they were cut I prepare each vinyl sheet for the weeding. I cut as much off but leaving the image in one piece. You may have your own way of doing this. I have only created a few projects and this was my first large project.