Aqua Angels Art will be offering you some great tips and DIYs on crafts and supplies I highly recommend.  As I do research on products and DIYs as well as tips I am sure I will also be learning from this journey. 

How To Print on Tissue Paper for crafts: Watch the Video on YouTube.

Wrap your tissue paper around the card stock.  Trim the Tissue Paper so there is only about a half-inch on top and both sides of the cardstock.  Fold in the two sides first and tape it to the card stock.  Then Fold down the top and tape it in place.  Make sure it is tight so it loads into the printer correctly.  Make sure you know how your printer printers.  Some come out with ink side up and some with ink side down.  You can add arrows on the backside of your card stock to help you remember which way to load it.  Once you printed it off, you can use this for crafting.  It works great if you want to add an image to a candle.  Use a blow dryer to "melt" the tissue paper onto the candle.  Just be careful not to hold the heat in one place for too long or you will melt your candle.

Tip 1:  10/20/2020

How to make a larger than mat size for your Cricut project.

Insert your image.  
I made the workspace large and then I made the image 25% to make it easier for me to work on the screen.
 I decided what size of the image I need for my project and resize your image
I went to shapes and made several squares. I moved them to the bottom of my workspace.
I made the layers invisible - this needs to be done to be able to use the Slice option.
 -Slice steps-
I changed the color of the squares.
Move the square to the background/send to back
Adjust it into place
Select the image and the square. and click slice. Then more your sliced piece/s to the right side of your workspace. Delete the unneeded pieces
 Next color - repeat Slice Steps if needed. - This section fits almost perfectly into two halves. Larger images will need more slicing steps.
The bottom part took two slices.
 My last color. I repeated the Slice Steps.
I made sure the bottom part would fit onto my Mat.
Delete extra Squares.

To Video my video on how I used this step in a project VIEW VIDEO  on my Blog.

 view it on my YouTube Channel here,