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Aqua Angels Art - Angel Painting Series.

I will be doing a series of Angel Paintings, one painting a day for 30 days.

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I have decided I am going to a series of Angel Paintings for #aquaangelsart. I will be doing ONE painting each day of Angels. I hope you will follow along and view my Angels. Oh yeah, here is a peek of my work station. My desk done with #unicornspit Aqua Angels Art

Oh yeah, here is a little back story. Back in 2004 I had a retail store called Aqua Angels Shopping Center. That seems like several life times ago. My store wasn't opened long because I decided to go a different route and became an online seller. For 8 long years I was a power seller on eBay Amazon and my own website. Then a major life event happened and my world was turned upside down. I took sometime away from online business due to that major life event and health issues. So here I am in 2020 and I am basically starting from scratch with my art life online. I've done a few craft shows and I've also had a Craft shop for a short time with husband, more on that later. I promise I will add that to my blog and my website. - (Oh incase you don't know me personally) You may notice from time to time that my words and thoughts seem scattered and skip around. Well,,,, welcome to a glimpse inside my head. This is the real me.

So back to my Angel series. My goal is to do ONE form of paint each day. It might be on canvas, wood, a book mark, a keychain, a coffee cup, ect. What ever comes to my mind either the night before or that morning I will do. I may use different forms of media from acrylic, unicorn spit, printing, and small items like string, trinkets, soda cans, ect. I am also a big believer in upcycling. I have upcycled many items in my creations. This is going to be a journey. I hope you take it with me. If you are interested in helping my blog grow? Please help me get the word out by sharing my journey with your friends and family.


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