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Aqua Angels Art : Angel Series #1

When a creative mind can find things laying around to paint on.

Aqua Angels Art: Angel Series. On the morning of 11/20/2020 I opened up my blog to make my morning post and I had a crazy idea. ( One of Many ). My idea was to paint an angel series. So my plan is to paint one angel painting a day for 30 days. I might continue this past 30 days, but for now, it is set at 30 days. Which is right before Christmas. When I made my post I mentioned I would be painting on different types of things, from canvas, wood, mugs, etc. But little did I know what I would be painting on first. And from there I have many ideas of what to paint on next, and after that, and after that. Oh... I am getting really excited. I do have my first angel started. I have the background done ( I think ) I am waiting for it to dry for a few before I start adding the Angel. If you want to follow along with my daily post on my facebook page you can do so by clicking here: You can also search by hashtag #aquaangelsart #aquaangelsartangelseries Sneak Peek on number 1 of Aqua Angels Art Angel Series

The above post is from my web page Aqua Angels Art Angel Series

Now it is time to complete Number 1

To view more photos to learn what products I used on #1 visit my web page Aqua Angels Art Angel Series

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