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Aqua Angels Art : Angel Series 2nd Angel

Oh that was close, I completed day two Video and got it uploaded to YouTube right before midnight.

Day 2 - Aqua Angels Art: Angel Series

Select Your Favorite Show to watch. I selected NCIS on Netflix

Pour Yourself a Drink. I selected a cup of coffee with sugar and International Delight Caramel Macchiato.

Now to begin. Select your surface. I selected a Button Jar from the Dollar Tree. ( Contain Buttons )

Take off the stickers and I wiped the jar down with Rubbing Alcohol and allowed it to dry.

I painted 2 coats with Apple Barrel Multi-Surface White Acrylic Paint. Allow time to dry between coats.

My third coat I dabbed it on and allowed it to dry.

Next: Select colors for the background. Apple Barrel Multi-Color Acrylic Paint: Atlantis. Wisteria, Candy Apple, Paradise Pink, and Outrageous Orange.

I painted the surface in strips with dabs of different colors on the paintbrush at the same time.

For the next coat I just filled in what was left white.

I then sprayed the jar with Rustoleum Painters Touch 2x Ultra Cover Gloss Clear sealant. 2 coats, allowing time to dry.

Then I started constructing my stencil for my angel. I glued a few layers of paper together and placed packing tape on the top.

After some thought, I decided to use Aluminum Foil Tape to add my Angels to my jar.

I may go back and add paint to the Foil Tape. Industrial Grade Aluminum Foil Tape. 2.36 Mil x 2 Inches x 55 Yard. Self Adhesive, Perfect for Seal, Patch and Insulate Air Ducts (Hot and Cold), HVAC Pipe, Metal or Plastic Joint and Seams. https://amzn.to/3fpQjHE

In the final step, I added the Angels to the Jar.

Recap: Aqua Angels Art: Angel Series. On the morning of 11/20/2020 I opened up my blog to make my morning post and I had a crazy idea. ( One of Many ). My idea was to paint an angel series. So my plan is to paint one angel painting a day for 30 days. I might continue this past 30 days, but for now, it is set at 30 days. Which is right before Christmas. When I made my post I mentioned I would be painting on different types of things, from canvas, wood, mugs, etc. But little did I know what I would be painting on first. And from there I have many ideas of what to paint on next, and after that, and after that. Oh... I am getting really excited. Day One - Aqua Angels Art: Angel Series #1 - A painted leaf that I picked up off the ground this morning. YouTube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDYY4... ​ If you want to follow along with my daily post on my Facebook page you can do so by clicking


You can also search by hashtag #aquaangelsart #aquaangelsartangelseries Or follow me on my website page https://www.aquaangelsartbycass.com/a...

Do you have an idea of something "Odd" for me to paint on? Leave a comment below. Guess what I am painting on today? I bet you can't.

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