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Aqua Angels Art: Angel Series - Will return shortly.

Aqua Angels Art, Angel Series had to take a few days off to rest her thinking cap.

Greetings Creative Ones. I had to take a time away from my Angel Series due to health reasons. My mind got tired and needed rest, due to some health issues that is part of my reality. By the looks of it I did create a few other Angels that hasn't made it to my blog yet. The images are on my other laptop so I can't upload all the details at the moment, but if you follow me on Facebook you can get a faster update.

With Christmas just around the corner I will be creating some Christmas Angels Once the Holidays are over I will return back to my Angel Series.

On another note you have have noticed a new blog creator. Please take the time and view her post. She is helping me out by adding some DIYs to my blog. Stop by Joyce's post and say hello.

Oh yeah, before I go I wanted to share with you what I will be starting on. Hint: It will go in my yard and hang around for the Christmas Season. Do you have any idea what I will be making? Stay Tuned to find out.

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