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Aqua Angels New Utility Cart for my Cricut

Mind Reader Charm 3 Tier Wood/Metal Utility Cart, Black/Brown

On Jun 21, 2021 I ordered 2 carts from Amazon. to help organize my Crafting Area more.

After scrolling through Amazon to check out prices I decided on the wood/metal utility cart.

For one, it's just nice to look at. Isn't it a beauty??

Do you care to know how I put it together and how long it took to put together? Continue reading.

Taking it out of the box this is what you should have.

  • 3 shelves and the shelf holders.

  • 4 legs

  • 4 wheels

  • Directions

  • 2 bags containing the small parts.

Lay all the pieces out to make it easier to put together.

The kit comes with everything except a screw driver and a box. ( a BOX??)

Stay tuned for how I used a box to make putting the cart together.

To help put the first set of legs on I propped the legs up against a box. I also had a helper.

I worked putting the screws in one screw on each leg, then worked my way around all four sides. Then I added the second screw on the legs, then I tightened them up. Hint if you hold the peg that goes into the screw lightly it will screw on easier.

The screw goes on the outside and the peg goes on the inside. This is used to help support the shelf.

My helper again. Please note: You are building the shelf from bottom to top. Make sure you have the braces and legs correctly. The part with the wheel holes will be on top as you build it. The flat ledge of the shelf bracket will be facing up.

Once you have all 8 screws in go around and tighten them up. You will need your screw driver and the Allen wrench that comes with the kit.

Are you ready for the BOX?? This is a little trick that came to my mind as I was putting this together. I think if I didn't use this it would have taken longer to put together.

When putting the first bracket on ( the part that holds the shelf ) I put a box down so the bracket could sit on top of the box. This BOX made this very easy to do. I had a small packing box from Home Depot. I will show you the box measurements in a moment.

Time to add the screws and pegs. ( I am sure they have a different name ) I put one on each side, then went around and put the second one in. Then it is time to tighten the screws.

( Note: I think on the first shelf I put together I need to tighten up a screw more because the bottom shelf does not lay flat .)

The BOX?? If you don't have a Home Depot box use what you have around the house. Or just skip this step. It is not required and you might not need it.

Next: Put the second shelf bracket on and repeat the screw and tightening process. I don't think I used a box for this part. ( sorry I just can not recall ) ( It is possible I layed the box on top of the first bracket)

The third bracket no box is needed because at this point it will almost stay up on its own because the other two brackets are in place. So you will repeat the screws and pegs process for a third time.

Now it is time to put the wheels on. Notice two will have a lock. Those two need to go on the same end. ( the short side ).

You will need to use other handy dandy tool they provided you with the kit. After all four wheels are on you will need to go around and tighten all the wheels. ( I did have some issues trying to get the wheels to screw on, just don't force it )

The wheels are on and tightened? Now it is time to place the shelf in place. Work from the bottom up. Insert them from an angle. If a shelf is wobbly ( like mine is ) make sure it isn't the cart and not the shelf by placing it on a different bracket. If it lays flat on that one you may need to tighten the bottom bracket.

Mine is put together now deliver it to the area you are going to use it. My area is down in the basement. I had no problem walking it down my stairs that are made for a person that has longer legs than I do because this cart is not that heavy.

Once I got it to my basement I made a lovely home for my Cricut.

Ok, Ok, Ok. So how long did it take me to make the second one?

30 minutes out of my day and so worth spending that time to make my crafting world a little easier. Now to figure out what I am going to put on my other one. I have so many things I could put on it. I might use it to transport which ever creating I am doing at the time. E.G. if I am painting I will load the cart up with my painting supplies and leave them on there until I am done painting. Or I might put my sewing machine on it? I am not sure yet.

I highly recommend this cart. Two thumbs up, butter cup.

Item Dimensions LxWxH12.01 x 22.99 x 29.72 inches

Sold by: Visit the Mind Reader Store.


I hope this little blog post helps.

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