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Do you have doggie Doo in your yard, but don't own a dog?

How about a yard sign to let your neighbors know You're not gonna take it anymore.

Aqua Angels Art newest creation. Why on earth would I create a sign like this? Yes, I am sure you are wondering about this. Let me tell you.

This is how to story goes. I went to my other house to pack up a few belongings. Sure enough doggie poo hidden under leaves that have fallen to the ground. I am not talking about one pile. I am talking about poo everywhere. Yup, now it is even on my shoe.

So, being the creative person I decided I was going to create a sign to post in my yard.

Oh yeah, I also Googled to see if there was a city Ordinance in Pittsburg, KS. Look what I found!!

Pittsburg Kansas Code of Ordinances Sec. 10-77. - Disposal of dog feces. The owner, keeper, caretaker, or attendant of any dog that defecates upon public or private property other than property owned by the owner, keeper, caretaker or attendant shall immediately clean and remove the fecal material from such public or private property. Public property includes, but is not limited to, any boulevard, sidewalk, park, playground, or street in the City. (Ord. No. G-1280, § 1, 4-10-2018)

So here are my creations Don't let your Dog Pooh in my yard. or Don't let your Dog Poo in my yard. If you are interested in one, just let me know. I am selling them for $10.00 to local Pittsburg, KS people. Please allow 2 days for me to cut them on my Cricut and place them on the Yard Sign.

One says "Don't let your Dog Pooh in my yard". The other one says "Don't let your Do Poo in my yard"

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My paypal Me account is Aqua Angels Art payment Send 10.00 for local Pittsburg, KS people. Allow 2 days for it to be ready. Let me know if you want it to say Poo. or Pooh.

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