• Cassandra Groves

Do you have something to say?

Do you have something to say? Bloggers needed: Each blog post needs to be at least 1000 words. Blog posts can not be copied from other articles, blog posts, etc. Please gather the information and use your own words. We do not want to break copyright laws. You may use your own images and even showcase your own website ( family-friendly websites only ) I have two websites that I will be posting your blog post on. One is related to Art and Crafting. So any blog post regarding Artist, Art, Crafting, tools, DIYs, How-tos, Tips poems, short stories, photos etc. The other website is related to health and beauty. So any health-related tips, products you recommend or don’t recommend, Health conditions, etc. I would welcome other interests or categories for consideration. You may use videos, your own photos, or post your own links. If they are related to anything that I am promoting on my website I may not allow the post. To start this is a temporary position, this may change. My goal: I am trying to get my websites up and running with great content. That is why I am asking for help. I will also be asking questions regarding the product you use, and recommend and why. These posts will require shorter answers that I will then compile to make my own blog post.

Please contact me if you are interested.

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