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One can not have enough Gnomes.

Aqua Angels Art recommends this DIY video found on YouTube.

Video is from the 2019 Christmas season but you still might be able to find some of the items for the 2020 Christmas season or shop throughout 2021 and stock up.

The creator of this video is Crafty Sher Cupcake. Once you have all your items this DIY seems really simple and so much fun to make.

Most of the supplies she uses can be found at Dollar Tree, WalMart, Dollar General, Local Arts and Craft store or you can even find things on Ebay or Amazon.

Needed Supplies:

Pair of Boots

A Sock and stuffing ( glass beads, glass marbles, rice, beans, Stuffing from a pillow, or you could even use canned food )

Beard - Fake Fur from a stocking, a mop head, ect

Nose - Foam ball, golf ball, tennis ball, flesh colored felt, or even pantyhose stuffed with cotton ball

Hat - a scarf, a tree skirt, ect.


Use your imagination. Make your Gnome what you see inside your mind. Be creative and have fun.

Crafty Sher Cupcake Joined Mar 17, 2017 and her videos have had 3,814,838 views and has 50.3K subscribers

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