• Cassandra Groves

The life of building a new Aqua Angels Art Shop.

What a day, what a day, what a day.

I have been working on getting an online store for my Aqua Angels Art site more several hours. I first created one on my Herbal Shop and More website, and I was going to piggy back off of it. But, I didn't want to mix my art creations with my herbal shop products. I did a little research and talked to Ecwid support a few times today before deciding the only way to get what I wanted or needed. I was going to have to go ahead and buy another account and start from scratch.

So, I signed up for a second account. I went to WIX to uninstall the first store. I uninstalled it from the needed places. The I connected my new Ecwin store to my Aqua Angels Art WIX site. For some reason the old shop kept loading instead of my new one. I uninstalled everything and tried to connect the new account many times. At this point I was ready to pull my hair out. Back to support I go.

I gave the system time to refresh before doing it one more time for the night. On the last time I was actually given the option to disconnect the old shop before adding the new one. BINGO!! that worked. But I still had to play around with getting my shop loaded into the server right. I finally got it loaded correctly and my shop is now live.

I added 4 creations. Aqua Angels Art : Black Outlined Series. I created 4 but I will be doing more.

Why is it called Black Outlined Series? Because I first drew with black acrylic paint. After the black paint dried I then went in and painted with color.

https://www.aquaangelsartbycass.com/online-store if you are interested in purchasing one.

I offer USPS shipping. These will be shipped in a flat rate envelope. If you are in my area please feel free to use the local pickup option.

Check out Ecwid: http://open.ecwid.com/3qpzrW

Check out WIX :

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