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Trying to catch the Armadillo.

Will this be the night I catch the Armadillo on Camera?

The setting: Standing outside on a small slab of concrete. Texting this on my phone. There are pauses between content. Pretend you are inside my head.... or out in the wild hunting Armadillo. Because clearly that is what I was doing. Ready!! Set !! Go!!

I silently, but not that still, wait for the armadillo to appear as I rock back and forth waiting for the rustle of the leaves.

A warm but cool-ish breeze brush across my legs and down my arms.  The sounds of nightly chirps start to harmonize.  It is now dusk. 

and I am still waiting.

547 pm on a Monday evening in November.  Now the frogs join in and the thumps as things fall from the trees around me.  - "video" is for sound only. No actually movie to watch.

553pm  noises of leaves rustling and twigs crackling are apparent.  Will this be the night I catch the critter in a photo?  ? 

619 still waiting might have to wait another night......     And the wait continues.   

To be continued.

As you can tell I have not written in awhile.

Coming soon will be my poems and short stories. You can read them here. ( That is.... After I start adding them... ) go ahead.. Go take a look!!

Or go check out My Creative World here!!

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