• joycegage8

Upcycled Wine Cork Board

Materials + Tools

  • tray

  • wine corks

  • white chalk paint

  • acrylic paint

  • paintbrushes

  • tacky glue

  • twine

  • permanent craft adhesive

Organize Corks

Figure out how many wine corks will fit in your tray. Our 10 1/4” round tray fit 91 corks.

Paint Tray

Optionally, paint your tray. I painted mine with white chalk paint.

Paint Corks

Paint your corks. I painted mine with pink, white and gray acrylic paint.

Glue Together

Use tacky glue to glue all of the corks inside the tray.

Add a Hanger

Use permanent craft adhesive to glue a long piece of twine around the outside of the tray to make a hanger. We used clothespins to hold the twine up while the glue set.

Hang On Your Wall

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