Tip 1: 10/20/2020

How to make a larger than mat size for your Cricut project.

Insert your image.
I made the workspace large and then I made the image 25% to make it easier for me to work on the screen.
I decided what size of the image I need for my project and resize your image
I went to shapes and made several squares. I moved them to the bottom of my workspace.
I made the layers invisible - this needs to be done to be able to use the Slice option.
-Slice steps-
I changed the color of the squares.
Move the square to the background/send to back
Adjust it into place
Select the image and the square. and click slice. Then more your sliced piece/s to the right side of your workspace. Delete the unneeded pieces
Next color - repeat Slice Steps if needed. - This section fits almost perfectly into two halves. Larger images will need more slicing steps.
The bottom part took two slices.
My last color. I repeated the Slice Steps.
I made sure the bottom part would fit onto my Mat.
Delete extra Squares.

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