Things That Pounce

Things are always pouncing around us.


Cats are funny creatures. Many people think they're boring and heartless, but they're not! Cats can be great companions if you meet the right one. I was adopted a kitten for my birthday in May and my life hasn't been the same since!


I've wanted my own cat for many years now. My family has had the same two cats for almost half my life, so I just wanted to hang out with a little kitten. Our old house was way too small for any cat to get enjoyment out of living with us. So when we moved houses, my mom finally decided this was the year I could get a cat. It was going to be my 16th birthday present, but COVID delayed our trip to the adoption center by about a month.


It's been several years since I've last hung out with a kitten, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. When I saw her at the adoption center, I fell in love at first sight. Something just drew me towards her. There was a cute black kitten too, there are times when I wish I adopted that little fella instead but I wouldn't give her up for the world. We ended up naming her Butter. For the first couple of weeks, she was really withdrawn. She was still getting used to me and her new home so she spent a lot of her time in hiding. But after playing with her enough and petting her when I could, she started opening up a little. She would snuggle up to me when I slept and would sit with me on my couch when I played video games.


After a while, we tried introducing her to the downstairs. It went back to hiding for her, but she slowly got used to it. Now, she's a crazy and energetic cat. She has all the room she needs downstairs to run around like a little maniac. She plays with our other cat, Lizzie too. Even though Lizzie loves to sleep she always tries to make time to play with her little sister. It's fun watching them because of their size difference, Lizzie is huge while Butter is small, but that doesn't stop them from having fun!


She's not like any cat I've ever seen before and she fills my day with joy as she keeps getting bigger and bigger. I can't wait to see what type of personality she'll have in the future!

Signed, Izzy!  11/22/2020


Have you ever had a pet you've considered a lifelong companion? My family has a cat we've had
for more than half my life. We call her 'Mama Cat'. That's not a very clever name, but it's what
we've been calling her for years. My brother did give her a name though, 'Soldier' (except no one
calls her that, not even him). She's around 9 years old. That means she's been with us for almost
a decade!

She's a petite cat. She's not kitten-sized by any means, but if you pair her next to any other cats
you can tell how small she is! She's a very fluffy cat as well. She's the daughter of one of our old
cats, Coffee, who sadly passed many years ago. I'm surprised and happy that Mama is even still
with us! We did almost lose her though.

My family moved houses back in February. Mama was an outside cat, so we didn't even think
twice when we let her out of the cage. She instantly went to explore the new area. For a couple of
weeks she hung out around our house, but she slowly started distancing herself. I'll never know
if she was tired of us or if she just lost her way home. She was missing for several months. Then
my aunt brought over our other cat, Lizzie. About a week after Lizzie came to us, Mama Cat was
spotted outside digging in the compost pile. We brought her inside.

She was really skinny, and it was sad to look at. She scarfed her food down. After a few days she
gained some weight back and met Lizzie, they got along fine. About a month later though we
brought home Butter. She did not take to Butter very well at all. The little kitten just wanted to
play but Mama would hiss at her like there's no tomorrow. She even got aggressive towards us
too. We decided we should let Mama be an outside cat again. She was probably stressed inside
after being outside all her life and with the new cats around.

She knows her way home now. She sleeps on our porch chairs and always comes when it's time
to be fed. She still hisses at Butter through the windows which is kind of funny to watch though.
Poor kitty. I'm just glad to have her back, she's been with us for years and I don't want her to
leave us anytime soon.

Signed Izzy!, 11/22/2020