Aqua Angels Art - the Traveler.

First, let me start off by saying I am not a big traveler.  I haven't been to that many places nor do I fly that often.  But I have left my tiny bubble a few times.  My favorite place to journey to is The Ozarks.  That would be the hilly and curvy roads in parts of Arkansas and Missouri.  In other words in the Branson Mo area and Eureka Springs Area of Arkansas.  But I have been to Chicago possibly 14 years ago?  I've been to Texas a few times, California once ( road trip ), Ohio once, and I live in OK City OK for a short time. Oh and almost forgot.  I've been to Alabama. ( I almost forgot, and I was born there....  But I didn't grow up there )

In this area of my blog I will be sharing with you some great pictures of some of those travels as well and a few stories.